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What is the meaning behind the name?

I was blessed enough to be named after my lovely Nanna, Ellen, and my middle name takes after my wonderful Lola (grandmother in Tagalog) Rosario, Rosalie. My Nanna and Lola's presence always make me feel at Home - cosy, comfortable and content. That feeling of Home means the world to me and is what drives my design process and passion when making. So when it came down to picking a name for my business, there was no other name that could better embrace that special meaning more, than Ellen Rosalie.

Can we find Ellen Rosalie products stocked in stores?

Yes you can - check out our Find a stockist page to see if we have a stockist near you!

I am a shop owner and would like to know more about how I can become a stockist of Ellen Rosalie?

I welcome all expressions of interest in becoming a stockist of Ellen Rosalie. Please visit our Become a stockist page for more information about wholesale.

Do you offer shipping, exchanges, cancellations and returns?

All shipping, exchanges, cancellation and returns information can be found on our Shipping + Returns page.

How can I best care for my Ellen Rosalie products?

Learn how to best care for and get long term use out of your items on our Product Care page.

How is my personal data used on your website?

Our website is hosted through the Shopify platform. More information about how we manage data can be found on our Privacy Policy page.

How can I contact you?

You can find all our contact details on our Contact Us page.

Who are the photographs, images and graphics by?

Unless mentioned below, all photographs, images and graphics on this website are by the owner and subject to copyright.

Photographs listed are credited to photographer Anisa Sabet:

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